Designing Cisco ACI Fabric Access Policies

Attachable Entity Profiles

For AEPs, three separate profiles for BareMetal servers, Virtualized hosts and Infrastructure endpoints are created. Baremetal servers are simply pizza box servers which have an operating system installed such as Windows Server 2019 or a Linux flavor. Virtualized hosts include any virtual machine management platform not necessarily integrated into Cisco ACI by way of VMM integration, it applies to both. This is because you must account for the use-cases where you create static bindings to virtualized hosts such as ESX hosts and map to traditional port-groups. Infrastructure links are everything that is an infrastructure device and not a server endpoint.

AEP Name AEP Type Purpose
BM-Compute_aep BareMetal Endpoints Pizza box server connections with
non-virtualized operating systems
VMM-Compute_aep Virtualized Hosts All virtualized host connections with
and without ACI VMM integration
including Vmware, HyperV, IBM LPAR,
Oracle, etc.
Infra_aep Infrastructure Endpoints Physical infrastructure endpoint connections
such as firewalls, routers, load-balancers, switches,
wireless controllers, misc. appliances, etc.

Cisco ACI AEPs
Cisco ACI AEPs

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